This was a project developed during the first semester of 2011 by teacher Luciana Paula and her Inter B students at Cultura Inglesa Uberlândia Centro (Mon/Wed 15:00).
  • After unit 5A of the coursebook English File Intermediate, students were asked to develop a project using BOOKR (a webtool to create online books). Students were requested to list Uberlândia's main problems and make suggestions to overcome these problems.
  • Abilities practised: use of new vocabulary introduced in class, vocabulary reasearch, reading and writing.
  • As I didn't have much time for editing nor correcting students' production (the group had other priorities), I decided to post their production with the mistakes. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and I felt students did their best!

  • Igor Fidélis

  • Alysson Pereira

  • Amanda Borges

  • Rafael Gontijo

  • Guilherme Isaac

  • Leandro Rocha