These are the challenges UIA students (teacher: Ana Maria ) will be developing during the first semester of 2011.

Listen to the text, write it down and send it to me via e-mail

- write a dialogue between 2 characters using vocabulary from units 1A and 1B (minimum 5 new words / minimum 3 quadrinhos)
- use to make a comic strip with your dialogue, then send the link to Upper A group in edmodo.

- Think about a very happy day in your life. Where were you?Who were you with? What did you do? What made this day special?

- Record yourself telling us about it with and then post it to the Upper A group in edmodo.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to do this

CHALLENGE #4 - Write a comment

"Going to university is a very stressful moment in life"
What do you think?

Write your comment (minimum 40 words) at

Drag and drop the NOTE , then click SAVE NOW.

CHALLENGE #5 - Picture Description

1. choose a picture to describe. Yours or from the internet (look for photos which are roalty free )
2. Create a description for the image.
3. Use to upload your image and RECORD your description. (pay attention to the speed of your speech)
4. Share the link in edmodo with the whole class.

CHALLENGE #6 - Discussion language.

Part 1 - (in class / in pairs) CREATE A DIALOGUE similar to the one on p.21 ex.4)

Part 2 - (in class / in pairs) record your dialogue with a cell phone. Pay attention to your pronunciation ( speed, intonation, stress)
Part 3 - (at home) send it to the Upper A group in edmodo or to my e-mail /

CHALLENGE #7 - Dialogue with Phrasal verbs

1. Create a dialogue with at least 5 phrasal verbs from Unit 4A
2. Use to create your animation.
3. Share the link in edmodo with the group.

CHALLENGE #8 - Expressing your opinion

1. Use to write your comment about the following statement:
"Some people spend fortunes on their pets."
2. Grab the URL and share it in edmodo with the group.

CHALLENGE #9 - Making Comparisons

1. Create an avatar at
2. Write a text comparing two items.
3. Record yourself reading your text and share it in edmodo.

CHALLENGE #10 - Describing pictures - making deductions

1. Write a picture description for the image given by the teacher.
2. Show it to your teacher and practise reading it aloud.
3. Record your picture description at